Adult Digital Arts Classes

We offer vatious classes in Digital Arts such as Photoshop, Digital Illustration, Graphic Design , Web Design , Animation, App Creation and many more classes for adults. All classes are taught by an experienced instructor in a fun atmosphere.

Digital Arts for Kids

Our kids classes are geared for middle to high school age students who want to begin to learn Digital Arts in an easy and fun learning environment. Course offerings include Beginner Photoshop , Game Design and Cartoon Animation and more.

Customized Classes

We can also create customized classes or workshops to meet your needs. This could be for company software training, targeted classes toward a specific goal , or just something that you have always wanted to learn how to do. Just ask! We will make it happen!

Learn Digital Arts at Baltimore Digital Design Center

This is Baltimore Digital Design Center ,offers a range of classes for those who want to begin or enhance their creative abilities in the Digital Arts. Our mission is to train and inspire people to pursue and enjoy the creative arts. We cover a range of fascinating courses like Photoshop, Digital Illustration, Graphic Design, Magazine Design and Publishing, Cartoon Animation, Augmented Reality, 3D Graphics, Web Design, Game Design and more.

We started Baltimore Digital Design Center to share our passion for the digital creative arts as well as to fill a need for inexpensive , high quality classes in the digital arts. Previously, you had to spend thousands of dollars on a design curriculum from a school in order to get to the one class that you really wanted. We want everyone to be able to be creative, learn new software and design skills and be able to learn at a reasonable price.And yes we know that you can learn anything online these days! But having the guidance of a trained instructor right there in the room with you during class and available to guide you between classes is most ideal.

Benefits of studying with us

  • FREE , legal copy of Photoshop!
  • Small Classes
  • No long term committments
  • Experienced. patient digital arts teachers.
  • Beautiful and creative projects
  • Access to our online video library